Make your Monday Red Carpet Worthy: The Demmys

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How often do you get to hobnob with celebs and New York’s biggest movers and shakers?  While at an open bar reception, where you receive goody bags of up to $100?  And listen to Tony Bennet, live? …For $30?

Monday’s event is a no-misser.

Monday night is going to be quite an affair.  The Demmy Awards will honor individuals and clubs who have made significant contributions to the Democratic Party and have worked to improve the lives of New Yorkers and people all across the nation.  Like, for example, folks from the MYD contingent.

That’s right: congratulations to MYD Finance Director Alex Leopold and MYD Learning Labs Instructor Sara Valenzuela, who have been nominated for Young Democrat of the Year!

Buy your ticket now.  Just do it.  The $30 under 30 price won’t last much longer, and besides, what better to do after a rainy weekend than make your Monday night memorable?