Majority of New Yorkers Want Continued Democratic Control of the NYS Senate

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While polling at the national level for midterm elections has looked grim for Democrats, it looks like the story is more positive at the state level:

New York Democrats have had to face a rocky economy and recession-induced budget shortfalls in their first few years as the majority party in the State Senate.  But New York voters remember the previous 40 years of GOP control, and according to a new Siena College poll, only 27% of New York voters want to go back:

  • 33%:  Want to see Democrats expand their State Senate majority
  • 34%:  Prefer the status quo, in which Democrats hold a narrow edge
  • 27%:  Want to see Republicans re-take a majority

This has to be unwelcome news for State Senate Republicans.  Between the GOP infighting occurring up and down the ballot and the atrophy of the Senate Republicans’ statewide campaign apparatus, Republican Senate candidates were depending on a hostile electorate to carry them over the top in key districts.

But that electorate, while clearly hostile to incumbents (only 31% plan to re-elect their incumbent Senator in a generic question), is not scapegoating Democrats for the state’s troubles.  And with Republicans showing extreme weakness in every statewide contest tested in the Sienna poll, there are no coattails for GOP legislative candidates to ride.

But, making sure the Democratic majority is expanded–so that we can avoid situations like the last summer’s coup and really get going on enacting a progressive agenda for the state–is going to be hard work over the next three months. Learn why it’s so important we fight for better Dems and a better Albany by watching MYD’s Take Back NY video here:

Check out information on campaigns here and get plugged in with the MYD field team by emailing Colin at field [at] goMYD [dot] com!

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