MYD Itself

MYD @ Village Halloween Parade
MYD President Al Benninghoff as The Monopoly Man, NYSYD President Matthew Silverstein as an Injured Met, Heather James as Sarah Palin & Brian Letchworth as a Ghost

Despite the rain, MYD raided the Village Halloween Parade.

The revelers were surprisingly receptive to our chants of “Free Money!” When they got the green bills we had printed, a few yelled “take politics out of the parade,” but most laughed or asked for more. We passed out over 10,000 Bloombucks, which looked like the image below.

We spent all our time passing out the bills. This photo comes courtesy of BrooklynVegan.com. If anyone else out there can find any other pictures or video of us, please send it along. I know it exists.

– The Monopoly Guy

Eight is Enough. And yes, the serial number does spell Manhattan Young Dems