Local Community Education Councils Gather Dust As Seats Go Unfilled


While newly-minted New York City School’s chancellor Dennis Wallcott travels the public school system to visit classrooms and promote a calmer debate between parents, teachers and education administrators, WNYC reports that one of the integral partners of that conversation, parents, have expressed less interest in joining their local district community education councils – a nine person committee that exists as an avenue for parental input though has only advisory powers.

Reasons cited for this falloff in applications (only 341 people expressed interest in 425 available seats) include the non-binding effect of their eventual decisions and prior restrictions that have now been lifted such as the exclusion of PTA presidents. By extending the deadline for applications to April 22nd DOE officials hope that a new beginning with Chancellor Wallcott will curry goodwill among parents and convince more to see merit in giving their time.

You can find out more about the position or applying for your own district by going to the DOE website or clicking here