Live Like a Liberal – One Step at a Time


Recently, Living Liberally Co-Founder, 2009 MYD Young Gets It Done Winner, 2010 New Leaders Council 40 Under 40 Winner, and NLC Mentor (to me) Justin Krebs’ latest book “538 Ways to Live Work and Play like a Liberal” hit the shelves (buy it on Amazon HERE).

I’m reading the book now (I’m on #391 Add the Little Prince to your children’s reading list, or read it aloud), it’s a quick witty list of practical and important ways to change your day to day life to live more progressively. Small things like turning off the tv for a second and reading a magazine, requesting books at your local library and putting your chargers on a power strip that can be turned on and off are simple changes that we all should be doing. Broader, more interesting ideas are to be involved in your community, say hello to your neighbors and make your neighborhood a better place to live by being a better participant. In NYC especially it’s easy to keep your head down and not talk to people, but imagine for a minute looking up and engaging. Personally, I’ve started waving to the owner of my local deli every night when I get home, which makes me feel safer when it’s later at night.  I’ve started talking to the teenagers on my block. Turns out they’re a creative bunch of kids with keen interests in music and art.  Not bad for my tiny corner of the city!

Justin’s book is getting national attention and was recently reviewed by the conservative blog, The Weekly Standard (HERE). Sure, most of the review is tongue in cheek, but it’s worthy of note that the author attended a Drinking Liberally meeting and was surprised by how welcome he was (although he did imply that Liberals don’t know how to drink, which I take personal offense to). But that’s of course the point, to be welcoming and open. There are many definitions of a “Liberal” Justin opens his book by giving you his own:

Liberals believe that we are better off when we live for each other than when we only live for ourselves.

Sounds like that’s one rule we should all live by.

Check out Justin’s tour schedule and see him in person in a city near you this summer! He’ll be in Brooklyn Monday the 26th!