Let Them Eat Cake

Learn Something // Take Action

Today the House of Representatives voted 217 to 200 to cut nearly 40 billion dollars from the SNAP program (also known as food stamps.)

Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the driving force behind the  legislation, said “it’s wrong for working, middle-class people to pay” for abuse of the program…

So how much abuse is there in the program?  According to the USDA, a whopping 1.3%!  In fact, according to the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, “[s]ince the introduction of the EBT card system, fraud in the Food Stamps Program has reached an all-time low. Ninety-eight percent of food stamp benefits now go to households that are found eligible under very strict rules.”

But House Republicans have never let facts or reality get in the way of denying essential services to the most vulnerable Americans, now have they?

Wanna let Speaker John Boehner know what you think of this latest travesty?  Give him a call: (202) 225-0600