Kickball: Pics!

MYD Itself

On Saturday, MYDers and the Young Republicans of New York met up for a great bipartisan tradition: the annual kickball game at Central Park. It was a BLAST!

Team GOP ended up taking the game — after all, we’ve gotta give them something to win in this city of deep blue, right? — but afterwards, we all headed over to spend the rest of our Saturday afternoon at a local Irish pub. Discussions were had about policy, politics, and there was plenty of room for common ground… If only the grown-ups in DC and Albany could say the same!

Thank you to everyone who came out, and enjoy more pics here.

Mr. Corbett and Desiree put their game faces on.
More game faces: Ben and Carolyn.
Bipartisan smiles.
Team Blue on the field!
Our fearless leader goes up to kick.