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If you’re on the MYD listserve you got our weekly newsletter this morning. If you aren’t, here’s what you missed:

Some notes for the week:

ROCK ON: The White House Blog estimates that 1.3 Million Americans tuned in to the State of the Union (and subsequent SCOTUS smackdown) last Wednesday- and approximately 1.2 million of them were barside at Tonic. So props to all who packed the house at our joint Watch Party… MYD + DL21C + SOTU = AWESOME.

STAY TUNED: The MYD Officers are days away from officially announcing the 2010 EBoard! Log on to gomyd.com later this week to “meet” the new directors.. and then immediately inundate them with your brilliant ideas for upcoming year. And if you’re vying for a leadership role, there’s still time to hop on the ballot to chair one of MYD’s various issue committees. So step up!

COME BY: Pencil Assemblyman Jonathan Bing into your calendar for Tuesday February 16th. He’ll be on hand at our General Meeting to give us a rundown of all the goings-on in Albany. (And of course, rounds at our favorite watering hole to follow.) In the meantime, you can check out his newly launched website HERE.

PAY UP: The looming recession is no excuse to skip out on your annual dues… Because in 2010 you can get be a full-fledged MYD member for the reduced rate of 20 dollars! That’s right, a $20 gets you discounted access to our awesome events, voting privileges, and a hug from our Treasurer, Reggie Thomas. If you haven’t done so already, you can pay online or in person at any general meeting. It’s Easy. It’s Cheap. And It’s greatly appreciated.

A brilliantly perceptive newsletter recipient pointed out our SOTU-watching statistic was less than clear. The fact is, The White House Blog estimates 1.3 Million watched via the White House Website. Nielson estimates another 48 million or so watched on Tv. And by my estimation, 1.2  watched from our Tonic party. (I’ll admit that last figure isn’t official). So there you have it!

By the way, if you’re not on the listserve, I highly recommend adding your email address under the green box labeled “newsletter” in the top right corner of the MYD Homepage.