Julia McCarthy Hanes, 28 until Thursday

Member of the Week

Julia Hanes grew up in a very political family in a suburb of Philadelphia. Politics were always a hot button issue at the dinner table and Julia has fond memories of filling out her first ballot and watching her father, Hon. D. Bruce Hanes being sworn in as Montgomery County’s Register of Wills. She’s even confessed that it was more exciting when President Obama won the election than when the Phillies won the World Series!

Julia moved to New York in 2000 to study Art History at NYU, during school she put politics on the back burner but in the past few years has picked up volunteering and political action again.

I joined because the members of MYD are very friendly and passionate people.  Most importantly, MYD is an open space for ideas and will encourage you to pursue any issue you feel strongly about.

Julia is a member of our newly founded Women’s Issues Committee, the committee is planning our Second Annual Engendering Progress event next Thursday at Marquee (tickets HERE). Women’s issues, specifically sexual health and crisis intervention are Julia’s focuses within MYD and her career path.

As a member of the Women’s Issues Committee and a volunteer for RAINN, I am very focused on the rights of victims.  Cutting funding to Planned Parenthood is not only detrimental to women who rely on those centers as their only resource for information on sexual health, but it is a slap-in-the-face to women who need emergency contraception and/or STD testing after being raped.  It is sad that people have focused on one big issue, but have forgotten about the already marginalized women they are hurting.

It’s also Julia’s birthday on Thursday! Happy Birthday Julia! See you next week!

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