Jon Stewart: “America Must Stop Watching Fox”

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“Fox News is either evil or stupid for not mentioning that Alwaleed bin Talal is News Corp’s largest shareholder.”

Living in 21st century, I suppose we all know that our eyes deceive us on a moment-by-moment basis. A twitter update turns out to be wrong. A false news report gets repeated for several hours. We go to war with a nation that has done nothing to us. We hear people telling us the Bush tax cuts or a lower corporate tax rate are vital to our economic future, though no evidence exists to support the theory. People say and do what they need to to for their desired goals. This is what our modern world is all about.

Sometimes, the reality isn’t so bright.

But here is Fox News, a news channel so cunning they even allude to it in their own name. They have been tremendously successful in creating false controversies and exploiting them for increasing ratings, for higher advertising dollars, for more profit. Nothing draws more eyes than controversy – the supermarket tabloids make a lot of money, and it’s not because of their quality, fair-and-balanced news coverage.

Monday evening, Jon Stewart did a massive hit-job on Fox News, clearly laying out the story of the mosque and the money trail. It might be too complicated for many Fox viewers to follow, but us kids know how to grasp these great complexities of our convoluted 21st century.

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