Join the Young Democrats of America


Today the application process to be appointed a member of one of Young Democrats of America National Committees opens. Below is a list of the different Committees you can apply for as long as you are a Young Democrat from a chartered state in the Northeast Region which includes: Connecticut,  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island.

Appointment to  Committee on Credentials

The Credentials Committee is charged with approving accreditation of National Committee members at each quarterly Young Democrats of America meeting. The Credentials Committee may be called upon to adjudicate disputes related to the issuance or revocation of unit charters, as well as any other disputes that may arise to the legitimacy or illegitimacy of National Committee members.

Appointment to Committee on Rules and Charter

The Rules Committee is tasked with adopting amendments to, deleting sections of, or modifying the Young Democrats of America Charter and Bylaws. Officers may also be asked to advise committees, caucuses, officers, and other members on the interpretation of governing documents.

Appointment to Committee on Resolution

The Resolutions Committee meets during every meeting, and is tasked with writing and reviewing resolutions to be passed by the Young Democrats of America National Committee.

Appointment to Committee on Budget

The Budget Committee is responsible for reviewing, modifying, and submitting a YDA Budget in conjunction with the Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer, and President. The Budget Committee will be responsible for regularly monitoring the inflow and outflow of monies into the YDA Treasury to ensure fiscal solvency. Furthermore, the Budget Committee will be charged with developing programs and ideas that will help promote fiscal solvency.

Appointment to Committee on Campaigns

The Campaigns Committee is charged with developing and implementing a national campaign plan for the organization. Furthermore, the Campaigns Committee will work with each state to assist in their development of local campaigns plans.

Appointment to Committee on Chapter Building

The Chapter Building Committee will work closely with state federations and local units on the development of programs that will extend the reach of the Young Democrats of America into new states, territories, and localities. The Chapter Building Committee will work to develop best practices on membership, and will also develop training programs to assist chapters in gaining members, and state federations in expanding.

Appointment to Committee on Site Selection

The Site Selection Committee will be charged with reviewing bids from cities that wish to host National Conventions. Members of the Site Selection Committee will also be in charge of planning and managing YDA Quarterly Meetings. Due to the nature of this committee, members should have the ability to travel not only to meetings, but also to survey sites in advance, if necessary. The Chair of this committee will also serve as the Meetings Director; the Vice Chair and Secretary will serve as the Deputy Meetings Directors.

Appointment to the Committee on Technology

The Technology Committee will focus on new technologies that can be supported and used by the Young Democrats of America.


Anyone interested in a appointment MUST email an application including a resume and a short essay on who you are and why you want to be selected. In the subject line of the email it must say your first and last name, what YD State you are from and which committee or committees you are interested in. You can apply for multiple committees. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE EMAILED BEFORE NOVEMBER 21st at 9:00pm NO APPLICATION WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DAY AND TIME. Appointments will be announced  on November 24th. If you are appointed you must be on committee calls, come to YDA National Conferences and Conventions, and do monthly reports to the Northeast Region Board.