Job-Hunting? Hiring? Let MYD Help.

MYD Itself

Off the radar, MYD’s been running an email distribution list for jobs in NYC for about a year now. Modeled as a kind of local NYC-area version of JobsThatAreLeft, the Tom Manatos List, and the Emily’s List Job Distribution List, the focus is on NYC-area jobs (and internships) in politics, government, advocacy, and nonprofit work. Some of our list subscribers have gotten hired for great jobs that were posted on our list!

While registration for the list has always been open (all you have to do is sign up!), we thought we’d take the opportunity as the new year begins and job-hunting and hiring picks up to spread the word a bit more. So!

  • Are you an employer in politics, government, or nonprofit work, or a related field looking to hire someone in the NY area? Send a job description to jobs (at) gomyd (dot) com, or submit a job using this form.
  • Are you a job-seeker who would like to join the MYD Job List? Sign up!

It’s a rough job market out there, especially for young people — we’re just trying to do our part. Happy hunting!