Jennifer Sheehan, Cabaret Singer, 26

Member of the Week

At MYD meetings and events we often are overwhelmed by the number of interesting and talented individuals that come through the doors. I know that I was impressed at every single event last year at the eagerness of MYD members to volunteer their time and to work hard for causes that they believe in. Jennifer is no exception and a great example of a member who doesn’t necessarily have a career in politics (and honestly, her career is awesome) but easily finds a place in MYD.

image via the ny times

My parents, especially my mom, helped inspire my passion for politics and staying on top of issues and current events. She has been active with environmental groups that try to educate the community about the issues that affect our health and safety. When I was in high school, I would join her at events and meetings.. and was very inspired by the passionate, hard-working people I met. One issue I learned a lot about, from a very early age, was that of radioactive waste transportation and “disposal.” It’s an issue that isn’t anywhere close to being resolved—even today. She also has been instrumental in helping me find informative and thought-provoking sources of news and opinion beyond the mainstream media.
My father has been an avid recycler as long as I can remember, and I’m keeping that tradition alive with my subway trips carting paper and plastics to recycling centers! 😉

Jennifer, who just signed up to volunteer with The White Roof Project, has recently taken up the cause against Hydrofracking and urges everyone to see Academy Award nominated Gasland.

When she isn’t attending MYD events Jennifer can be seen on stage! After a sold-out, critically-acclaimed run at the Metropolitan Room in March, Jennifer will return for an encore engagement of her cabaret show on May 6th and 13th. Details are available at:

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