Jeffrey Mailman, Attorney, 28

Member of the Week

Jeffrey Mailman became an active member of MYD just about 2 years ago when he officially moved to Manhattan from his home-borough of Queens. He felt at home right away with a long history of serving the public.

While in law school, I served as an intern in federal and state court. Upon graduation, I completed a public service fellowship in the Consumer Frauds Bureau of the N.Y.S. Attorney General’s office. At the AG’s office, I worked to prohibit unscrupulous businesses from selling products within the state so that New Yorkers would not fall victim to deceptive business practices. Additionally, I am helping my law school raise funds through our annual Public Service Auction to support students who will be taking unpaid public interest positions this summer.

That being said, Jeff is a Super-MYD member with various interest and is active in several committees. Really, why only pick one when there are so many issues worth devoting time to? Taking advice from his Grandmother Jeff can see how the various issues intertwine and depend on each others’ successes.

While attending MYD committee meetings I learned of specific issues such as hydrofracking in upstate New York, food inequality, gender inequality, and healthcare.
My grandmother used to tell me that nothing is more important than your health. I agree. Without good health, your dreams may go unpursued. I am presently thinking of local, state, and federal incentive based programs to encourage people to exercise. Looking ahead, it is my intention to work with fellow Manhattan Young Democrats to create greater awareness with regard to these issues in order to effectuate positive change.

Why not take Jeff’s lead and check out a few committee events and meetings? You can search through them HERE. You never know what you might find!

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