It’s Official: Hooligan Hiram is Either Blind or Stupid

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Thug, Plagiarizer, and all around disgrace Hiram Monserrate officially kicked off his campaign of shame this afternoon in District 13.

He was hilariously introduced as the “next Senator from Queens,” as if hadn’t been drop-kicked out of the Senate following  an alleged attack on his girlfriend.

Continuing in his delusions, he defended his campaign’s blatant ripoff of the Obama branding.

“This logo is similar to the logo that they use but slightly different because the logo actually is a “Q” which stands for the great borough of Queens. If folks had really  analyzed it, they would have seen it.”

Uh… We DID.

Here is the Obama Logo (red/blue) next to the Hiram Logo:

Here is the Obama Logo (Monserracolors) next to the Hiram Logo:

And lets not forget the color similarity of the favicon Hiram is using on his site:

Monserrate Favicon
And the audacity didn’t stop there! (More choice quotes after the Jump)

Monserrate used his presser to roll out his new issues platform. First on the list? Violence Prevention.


Last Sunday, literally a couple of days ago in broad daylight, here on 82nd Street, a block away form my home, there was a broad daylight shooting. A couple of days before that there was a stabbing also on Roosevelt Avenue…This campaign will be about keeping the community safe and ensuring that we get police resources we need in our community. We need increased patrols from the NYPD.

Oh, the irony!

Another classic:

“I’ve been the subject of hundreds of thousands of dollars or negative attacks on my personal life and me politically. But those hundreds of thousands of dollars of negative attacks cannot take away from the real results we have provided the people…The constituents know I have been with them.”

…Riiiiiight. Except when you left them without electoral representation for an entire month.

He also refused to denounce the anti-gay filer his constituents are toting around churches:

I’ve heard of it, I read it today in a blog or two. People are out there doing their thing. I can’t speak to that.”

And our favorite, in reference to Democratic opponent and suitable public servant Jose Peralta:

They can elect politics as usual and elect the other guy who has delivered close to zero for our community, or they can re-elect Hiram Monserrate, who at times, I’ll admit, I’ll admit at times probably could have handled things better in his life and in politics. But my heart has always been true to this community. And I’ll continue to serve it in whatever capacity they see fit.”

We can’t let this deluded egomaniac anywhere near Albany ever again. STOP HIM NOW.

(Thanks to Chas for making the graphics).