In Honor of Veterans Day, Thank You For Your Service. We Support You.

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To all veterans, active duty soldiers, their families and friends: THANK YOU for everything you do for our country.

Democrats are often-incorrectly-associated with not being supportive of the military.  We are accused of trying to insert liberal values into the armed forces to the detriment of its effectiveness.  Most progressives know that our concerns and criticisms are not of the people who serve, but rather of the sometimes irresponsible decisions made by politicians and military leaders that needlessly endanger their lives.   Furthermore, it is an incorrect assumption that service members themselves are not politically progressive.   It is imperative that we learn to effectively communicate our support for the people who serve in our military while still pushing for beneficial change at the policy level.

Earlier this year, the Truman National Security Project provided an inspiring and informative training session for MYD members.  The program is based on the idea that progressives need to be better informed and do a better job at communicating that we are strong on national security issues, which are so important to the majority of Americans (and voters).  The Truman project provides politically active progressives with the information they need to talk about and to members of the military and to formulate a message that accurately communicates our strong support for national security initiatives that are carefully tailored and implemented.

Please, take some time to check out the Truman Project website.  A lot of excellent information and training materials are provided there as well as the option for individually tailored programs for you and your organization.

MYD has also worked with the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN) to learn about the unique challenges facing women in the armed forces.  Please check out their website as well to get up to speed on those issues.

Finally, take a look at how social media is assisting Veterans in getting the services they need.

Thank a service member today and learn about how you can help shape policies to support their heroic efforts.