Hydrofracking 101: The CSI Version

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Have you heard MYD’s Environmental Committee mention why hydrofracking is so bad? We’re hoping to be able to set you guys up with a screening of Gasland, a new documentary on the dangers of Hydrofracking that we absolutely encourage those of you who have HBO to see… until then, last week’s CSI did a really great job laying down the basics.

You can see the full episode HERE:

CSI: Fracked

While we’re not in the habit of getting our news from CSI (I also feel it’s my responsibility to warn you that the autopsy in this one is about a million times more graphic than any I’ve seen and I screamed out loud at one point) but this episode is a great primer, and will get you thinking! If you love your NYC drinking water it’s a must-see!

Best line of the night: “You’re a CSI, not Erin Brockovich!”