Hobby Lobby


You’ve also probably spent the past week shaking your head. Last Monday, SCOTUS ruled that a corporation can be exempt from the Affordable Care Act contraceptive mandate. So women who happen to work for a company such as Hobby Lobby will not be able to get birth control pills.

These are women who likely work lower wage jobs and have fewer employment opportunities.

These are women for whom restricting birth control access can mean an incredibly burdensome pregnancy on numerous levels.

These are women whose interests and well-being are important to shed light on as we fight for a more equitable and (honestly) humane United States of America.

How you might ask, especially considering the fact the ACA was upheld by the Supreme Court, was a company able to circumvent a federal mandate?

Well my friend, a little thing called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. It’s federal law which is meant to prevent laws that burden a PERSON’s free exercise of religion.


A PERSON? NOT a corporation?

Sadly, you read right. A privately held company with reported revenues of nearly $2.3 billion (2011) has religious rights! Restricting women’s rights Monday through Saturday, but closed on Sundays!

If you’re not upset- think about THIS:

Now that companies have religious rights, they can restrict other medical mandates they disagree with- think blood transfusions or vaccinations.

Remember when we saw companies gain personhood back in 2010 with the Citizens United ruling? (Companies have first amendment rights- who knew!) Well we all know the outcome from that ruling hasn’t been pretty.

IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK! We cannot stand to watch the rights of women, the disenfranchised and the non-billionaire get drowned out!

We’re Democrats, We’re real people doing really great things and MYD is here to channel your anger and your fury into action:

Come rage at our next General Meeting on TUESDAY July 15th!