HiramMonserrate.com: Hilarious

Only in NY // Take Action

Tell me how you really feel.

The special election in New York’s 13th Senate District is beginning to heat up. Hiram Monserrate, who was stripped of his Senate seat last month for his assault conviction, is running for re-election to the SAME SEAT HE WAS REMOVED FROM. Only in New York, folks.

His constituents aren’t happy about it either. His campaign website’s own guestbook contains mostly vehement swears about his job performance, scandal, and poor priorities. My favorite quote: “You are a g–d-m law breaker and you want to continue to make laws for this state?!”  Another good one: “your politics are atrocious, your behavior even more so. I call for your resignation and a public apology to your girlfriend.”

There have only been 6 comments since June 2008, and just in case they wise up and take it down, I’ve provided a screen shot above. But this is an opportunity we just can’t pass up. I’m calling for all MYD members to post their true feelings about Hiram Monserrate on his guestbook by CLICKING HERE. Best comment wins!

Oh, and give some time this weekend to Jose Peralta, the real Democrat running to replace Monserrate in the Senate. Email Alex V. for details:  political@gomyd.com

Hat tip to my buddy Tracey Keij-Denton for this find.