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What does history look like?

In the weeks leading up to the election of Barack Obama, filmmaker Jeff Deutchman wondered just that.  He asked friends around the world to grab their video cameras, still cameras, cell phones, whatever, and record their experiences of 11/4/08, a day that had become “historic” before it had even taken place.  Weaving together the footage that he received, he created Phase One of this transmedia-project, a feature documentary that will world premiere at the prestigious South by Southwest Film Festival this coming March.

The film is finished, but the community surrounding the movie is and will remain interactive.  Phase Two of the project is a website, www.11-4-08.com, that is collecting footage from Election Day.  Users can upload their own footage, and can also download others’ in order to edit their own version of the day.  We see this project as a means through which to reimagine and to democratize the process of writing history: tell your own story!  It doesn’t matter what format it’s in, it doesn’t matter where you were, it doesn’t matter what side you were on: if you shot anything during your waking hours on Election Day, the people at 11/4/08 want your footage!!

The goal is to start re-engaging people in the democratic process – not just by raising awareness of this film – but by encouraging them to upload their own footage to the website to partake in the writing of history.

Contribute your footage!! Click HERE.