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Former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. has been considering running for U.S. Senate in the special election against Gillibrand here in New York. There has been a lot of discussion about whether Ford is a New Yorker, what his positions really are, and whether he would be a good Senator from New York. Gillibrand’s campaign and the Ford camp have already been trading barbs. Both Ford and Gillibrand have also been courting donors.

Ford recently told NY1 that he would file his first tax return in New York this year. He reiterated that fact this morning on Meet the Press when he said “[I] [p]aid taxes on all New York income the last two years. And, for the first time, in ’09 my wife and I will file as residents of New York.”

He also spoke about his traveling around New York: “[my] travels around the state have been great, [I have been] encouraged, humbled by what people are saying.  The press and the pundits are focused on carpetbagging and some of the politics around it, but people in New York are expressing the same concerns that have been–that we’ve been expressing around the table,” which include jobs and the economy.

He was also asked several times by David Gregory about the size of his bonus from Merrill Lynch, which he refused to disclose. He also spoke about his support for parental notification when minors receive abortions.

You can watch the entire interview in this video:

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You can see more of Ford in the full Meet the Press round table, which also included Rachel Maddow smacking down the youngest Congressman, Illinois Republican Aaron Schock. I enjoyed this comment:

…just this week you [Representative Schock] were at a community college touting a $350,000 green technology education program, talking about how great that was going to be for your district. You voted against the bill that created that grant. And so that’s happening a lot with Republicans sort of taking credit for things that Democratic bills do, and then Republicans simultaneously touting their votes against them and trashing them. That’s, I think, a, a, a problem that needs to be resolved within, within your caucus, because, I mean, you seem like a very nice person, but that’s [sic] very hypocritical stance to take.

You can watch the full clips below.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy