Guest Post: the Port Ambrose Project


This is a guest post from Patrick Robbins, the Sane Energy Project’s Communications and Development Coordinator.

Last December, many of us were pleased by Governor Cuomo’s decision to ban high volume horizontal fracturing in New York State (you can find MYD’s Statement on the ban here). But right now, there’s a project being quietly pushed forward that could undercut much of the progress New York State has made on the fracking issue. That project is Port Ambrose, a liquefied natural gas port that has been proposed off the coast of the South Shore of Long Island.

Over the last few months, more and more elected officials, advocacy groups and community members have been voicing their concerns about this project. The concerns are many: Port Ambrose would bring giant tankers of highly volatile liquefied natural gas into the third most heavily trafficked port in the country, presenting a clear security risk. The environmental impacts during construction and operation would disturb the marine ecosystem—which would impact the coastal economies that depend on fishing and tourism. Port Ambrose would create financial incentives for further fracking up and down the northeast by granting gas companies access to foreign markets, where they can get much higher prices for shale gas. And finally, this project would disrupt the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management’s efforts to lease this area for offshore wind development. It is estimated that this area could yield 700 MW of wind power and thousands of green jobs for New York and Long Island residents. This is the way forward, argue Port Ambrose’s many critics—we should be working to build the renewable energy economy, not more expensive and unnecessary fossil fuel projects.

Fortunately, Governor Cuomo has the power to veto this project, and more and more New Yorkers are stepping up and asking him to do so. New York City Council Member Donovan Richards has proposed a resolution against the project in the City Council, while State Senator Brad Hoylman and Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal have a sign on letter in the State Legislature calling for Cuomo’s veto. Other resolutions have been passed at the town level—in Long Beach, the community most directly impacted by the project, the city council unanimously passed a resolution asking Cuomo to stop this project (for a longer list of New York elected officials who are taking action, click HERE). And members of the public are making their objections known to the Maritime Administration by commenting HERE.

We are proud to join this growing movement—the risks of the Port Ambrose project are simply too great, and we call on Governor Cuomo to protect New Yorkers and veto the Port Ambrose project.

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