Greetings from Las Vegas!

For Your Entertainment // MYD Itself

Hi MYD’ers! I’m spending a few days in Las Vegas at Netroots Nation and will be trying my best to update you daily! My fellow New Leaders Council graduate and Democracy For America scholarship winner, Zerlina (of and I checked into the hotel and headed straight for the pool (which was fun until we realized that when it’s 106 outside you really can’t stay out there for that long!) The official activities started today, I’m headed to a panel on Veteran’s affairs put on by our good friends at The Truman National Security Project, then a DFA lunch with Howard Dean’s brother Jim Dean, the current chair of DFA. About to head into a panel on Immigration Reform followed by one about how to write a good action email (so stay tuned for that, MYD newsletter getters! Don’t get the Tuesday newsletter? Sign up at the top of this page!) Later tonight Laughing Liberally is hosting a comedy show after the keynote. Since this is my very first blog from a conference ever I’ll keep it short and promise to have more tangible news from the fray tomorrow!