Goals for Life & America Scores

MYD Itself

Last Sunday the women of MYD attended America Scores‘ “Goals for Life” soccer challenge, and guess what? We came in second! Proof positive that The Manhattan Young Democrats don’t inherently suck at sports. Though it’s most likely that we did so well because we had such a fantastic time! Special thanks to Elizabeth, Heather, Kat and Emmy who really did all the physical stuff and to Robbie of America Scores for giving us the opportunity to play on center court at Madison Square Garden for a while.

The sports component was followed by an inspired talk on how to achieve a positive work-life balance. We want to thank America Scores for all the hard work they do to enhance the lives of children across the country through their combined platform of soccer and poetry!

About America SCORES:

Our soccer, creative writing, and service-learning curriculum teaches our poet-athletes to look for balance in their lives from an early age. In our program, they learn how to stay healthy, express themselves emotionally, and how to make change in their communities.

Check out a really great success story HERE. Learn how you can volunteer HERE.