Get Out the Vote. Do It. Today. Or Sometime Between Now and Tuesday Night…

MYD Itself // Take Action

As you may be aware from all the annoying literature at subway stops, it is GOTV weekend — in non-pol speak, the final weekend — before the Democratic primary on Tuesday!

In a nutshell, field operations are about spending months finding supporters, persuading just a few undecided voters along the way, and being able¬† to actually reach and remind them (and remind them and remind them) to to vote when the election is near.¬† Simple, right? Wrong! In reality, many campaigns don’t build up the volunteer base, or raise enough cash for a professional service, to effectively carry out a GOTV program. So why bother trying? Because studies have shown that person-to-person contact (all that mundane phone calling and canvassing) nudges a person to your side and to the voting booth more than any commercial or mail piece.

So which campaign are you going to help carry out its GOTV program and pull out a remarkable, surprise victory? Here is a list of progressive candidates that have made contact with us and that you should volunteer for.

Also, MYD is headed up to the 33rd District on Sunday to make one final push to get disgraced State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. out of office (Details and RSVP here). Cough, free lunch, cough.

Finally, if you work for a campaign and would like to be added to this list, please email Colin at