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Elect Jose!
Here at goMYD we’ve been a little heavy on the Monserrate coverage as of late. That’s because as of today there is only one week left in the campaign to replace him and the reasons to get involved are many:

  • Hiram Monserrate is symbolic of everything that is wrong with New York politics. He is literally a criminal, and participated in the farce that was the June Coup of last year.
  • Marriage Equality: This is our very first chance to convert a NO (Monserrate) into a YES (Jose Peralta)
  • Monserrate was convicted of domestic abuse. That should never be rewarded.
  • Allies of Monserrate have been using anti-gay literature to generate support for him, one of his supporters is a reverend who has been quoted as saying: “I have seen a generation sunk down by the gay community” – It’s also possible a Monserrate ally slashed the tires of a City Councilwoman who came out in support of Jose Peralta.
  • Monserrate blatantly stole the Obama logo for his website, and more or less stole the Yes We Can/Si Se Puede slogan as well.
  • He has already been expelled from the Senate yet Monserrate is running again. This just reeks of a cynical ego trip. WTF.
  • Jose Peralta has been and will be good for Queens and has near unanimous support across a wide array of organizations and individuals. Don’t take our word for it, click here.

Your help can make the difference.

Sign up to canvass in Queens today, or this weekend, or on election day, or every day. Tell your friends. Change your Facebook status.

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Here is the Anti-Gay flyer used against Peralta: