Gear Up For 2010

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Over the weekend, I watched “An Unreasonable Man”, a documentary about Ralph Nader. Perhaps because I grew up overseas, I actually had no idea that Nader was a consumer-rights crusader prior to his presidential runs in 2000 and 2004. (I just sort of thought he was the crazy leftist dude who kept Al Gore from winning in 2000 — seriously.) It was a surprising film on a variety of levels, but the one thing to take away was that progress CAN be reversed — just as the Reaganites systematically reversed many of the reforms pushed through by progressive forces during the 60s. The only way to keep this from happening is by remaining ever vigilant and continuing to push our agenda.

Here in New York, the Republicans are gearing up for the 2010 elections on numerous fronts and seek to take back some of the losses they have sustained over the past several years. Example:

[Corning Town Mayor and Republican Congressional Candidate for 29th District] Tom Reed recently attended a Young Republicans Christmas party in New York City where an atmosphere of change was palpable. Voters think Democrats have gone too far with big government and spending, Reed said, and are ready to vote them out of office.

“What I am hearing is that we have to draw a line in the sand,” he said. “People are looking at the record levels of fiscal irresponsibility with the stimulus and now the second stimulus. It’s not sustainable. We are talking trillions of dollars. One of our campaign slogans is that our fiscal security is equal to our national security.”

I find it unbelievable that Republicans can sit there and point fingers at the Dems for practicing ‘fiscal irresponsibility’ after 8 years of Bush wars and ballooning deficits, but that is the story they will tell voters.

We’re young. That means we’ll have to live with the consequences for much longer if we don’t continue to fight for what we believe in. So gear up for 2010 — it’s a very important year and we can’t afford to lose any ground.

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