Future Leaders, Please Stand UP

MYD Itself

It’s time to gear up for MYD Club elections! (Can you smell the excitement?) We’re not like those other groups that have “preordained” successors – we want people to stand up and get involved. Next year will see statewide and midterm federal elections, so we’ll need our top talent to lead us to victory.

Important dates:

1/5 – Executive Board Application Deadline(President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer)
1/12 – MYD Voter Guide emailed to members
1/19 – MYD Executive Board Election (461 Park Ave South, 10th Floor, 7PM)
1/29 – Directorship Applications Deadline
2/2 – New Executive Board meets to decide Directors

We’ve structured the Executive Board Application and Directorship Application deadline so as to encourage anyone who might lose an election for an Executive Board position to still vie for a Directorship, so don’t shy away from applying for both. Also, if you’re more issue-focused, our Issue Oriented Committees are required to elect new chairs in February. Check the calendar to see when the next meeting is taking place.

Executive Board Application (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer)

Directorship Application (Communications, New Media, Development, Special Events, Finance, Political, Community Service, Creative, Social
Media, and Field)

Application instructions and deadlines are on the applications (see links above). To apply, you must have attended one MYD event in 2009 and you must pay your membership dues for 2010 between now and the election (dues are $35). You can pay at the election meeting on January 19th, 2010. For a description of the positions, please see the MYD Consitution. The positions of Creative, Social Media, and Field Director are not constitutionally mandated, and so will not appear in the constitution. We’ll be adding them to the Constitution this year. The descriptions will follow shortly. Constitutional amendments are due on January 5th as well (send to info [at] gomyd [dot] com).