From the Environmental and Animals Issues Committee


The Environmental and Animals Issues Committee is gearing up for a thrilling new year. Last week, we held our first meeting of 2013 and started building the framework for our committee’s agenda. Here were some of the discussed issues:

  • Green Building & Infrastructure – Last year, the City Council adopted Zone Green, aimed at removing zoning impediments to the construction and retrofitting of green buildings. The Greener, Greater Buildings Plan  addresses energy waste in existing buildings and the first benchmarking results were released in September 2012. This year, it is time to analyze the results of our existing green building policies, promote what is working and address what isn’t.
  • Transportation Pollution – The primary environmental concern resulting from NYC’s dense, and often inefficient, system is the concentration of pollution. The Environmental and Animals Committee intends to explore and address transportation pollution and air quality in Manhattan.
  • Animals – It is the goal of the Environmental and Animals Committee to support legislation and activities that protect animals from inhumane treatment. We intend to consider and act upon the practice of shark finning, host a Humane Lobby Day, promote pet adoption, and inform pet owners of the pet registration process.
  • Food – The industrial food system is broken. NYC imports the majority of its consumed food, resulting in a massive energy demand. The Environmental and Animals Committee is interested in creating events focused on topics such as the energy impact of our industrial food system on NYC, the labeling of GMOs, and our urban food supply.
  • Energy/Water – How we control our energy future continues to be fiercely disputed. The Environmental and Animals Committee will host events that delve into the debates on energy independence and what NYC is doing and/or needs to do to progress.

What issues do you feel are most important? What would you like to see the Environmental and Animals Issues Committee focus on this year? Take 30 seconds to give us your thoughts!

On Monday, April 22nd, MYD is again teaming up with Environmental Advocates of NY for the 2nd Annual Save Our Beer spring social at the Brooklyn Brewery to highlight the potential threat fracking poses to our pristine water supply. More information to follow.
If you have questions or would like more information on the Environmental and Animals Issues Committee, please email Allison Kopf or Allie Feldman at green [at]