FreedomWorks,, National Taxpayers Union, and Friends of the Earth find Common Ground

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FreedomWorks,, the National Taxpayers Union, and Friends of the Earth have come together to ensure the end the $6 billion a year subsidy to gasoline refiners who blend corn ethanol into gasoline. On Monday, Friends of the Earth released a joint letter (along with a series of other organizations as co-signers) that was sent to the leaders of the House and Senate in the hopes these tax credits expire at the end of the year.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the tax credit is “designed to make ethanol cheaper, the credit pays refiners such as BP, Shell and Exxon, 45 cents a gallon to blend ethanol with gasoline… At least on its face, the VEETC is yet another handout to Big Oil and King Corn, who hardly need the boost.”

Though this probably does not mean an era of civility has come to Washington between the left and the right, it does exemplified the hope progressives should have for the coming two years. Many policies that progressives have supported and wanted to achieve were impossible with the traditional Corporate Republican Party represented in congress, but now that ideologies have overtaken the GOP, perhaps common ground can lead to some previously unattainable goals.

We shall see…