MoM March 2017: Floriane Murphy Borel

Member of the Month // MYD Itself

Floriane M. Borel is one of the many passionate and progressive MYD members, seeking to organize in today’s boiling political climate. Here’s her story.

MYD has seen a spike in membership since November 9, and momentum is rising in our task forces as immigration, housing accessibility, gender equity, and other civil rights remain under attack. With a stabbing irony, women’s rights, in particular, have been threatened during Women’s History Month, shining a light on the organization’s Gender Equity Taskforce. It is here that Floriane has stepped onto the stage.

Floriane has always shown an interest in politics, raised in Paris by a family who fostered her political consciousness from an early age. Now 24, she recalls being able to recite the names of 15 presidential candidates in the 2002 French elections when she was just 8 years old. Her father worked for the French government, and her American grandfather was a lawyer and civil justice advocate in Chicago.

Leaving Paris to study at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, Floriane received her degree in International Relations in 2014. Following graduation, she worked at a think-tank in Brussels before returning to the states for a position with the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York City. It was after settling in here that she found herself interested in joining MYD.

“When I move to a new place, I like to look for community groups I can join outside of work that will help me meet people in different fields… who are passionate about similar issues,” she says. Floriane, like many, was particularly inspired to join after November 8. She found MYD to be a place where she could work with the “New York-based resistance” and learn about state and local politics, and quickly found herself involved with the Gender Equity Task Force. Here, her experience and knowledge on reproductive rights have been particularly useful.

Floriane has made herself indispensable to this particular task force, according to Ally Filler, MYD’s Deputy Membership Director. “From one meeting to the next, Floriane is always full of ideas on issues to work on and how to make a difference on these issues,” Ally says. “Her palpable enthusiasm and experience, not only for gender equity but also for the task force’s potential impact, have no doubt contributed to the group’s success so far. Her work has paved the way for what MYD Task Forces can do!”

Outside of work and MYD, Floriane is also an organizing fellow with the New York Civil Liberties Union and volunteers as a clinic escort on the weekends. She plans to attend law school next year to study human rights law. In her free time, she relaxes by singing and playing guitar, and has recently found a love of boxing as a way to de-stress from the current political debates.
When asked what her favorite part is about working with MYD, Floriane says it is the energy and diverse backgrounds of its members. “Every time I come out of one of our meetings, I have a long list of creative new ideas on how to organize, because every member contributes so much and brings a unique perspective to our discussions.”

MYD has full confidence that Floriane will help to put these ideas into action, and is proud to have her as our first member of the month!