Fake Crisis Pregnancy Centers Still Allowed to Lie


We thought we were making progress. A new law that would require crisis pregnancy centers to disclose their services — and protect women from going to fake medical centers actually run by anti-abortion groups — was temporarily barred by Federal Judge William H. Pauley III.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a strong supporter of the legislation, said: “In issuing this injunction, the court has failed to protect pregnant women in an extremely vulnerable time in their lives.”

When the City Council approved the legislation, Council member Jessica Lappin, who sponsored the bill, made the point that it “only regulates centers that are deliberately trying to deceive women into thinking they are in a medical facility when they are not. What those centers are doing is not only dishonest, it is incredibly dangerous.”

The judge who temporarily barred the legislation said it is “offensive to free speech principles.” What’s offensive is that these centers will be allowed to continue lying about what they are at the expense of women looking for information and help for their reproductive health.

Why shouldn’t these centers be required to tell the truth about their services? As the NY Times editorial says, “That makes no sense at all.”

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