“Excuse me, are you a registered Democrat?”


It’s a familiar refrain for those of us who have gone petitioning before: “Excuse me, are you a registered Democrat?”  This month state senate and assembly candidates will be taking to the streets to get petition signatures.  You see in New York all candidates need to collect a certain number of signatures in order to qualify to be on the ballot, even incumbents.  That means that every 2 years you’re likely to see your state representatives standing on a street corner with a green piece of paper asking local registered voters to sign.

Petitioning is a rite of passage in New York politics and anyone who hopes to be involved in the New York political scene should get used to it.  Luckily campaigns are always looking for volunteers to carry petitions.  The best way to get involved is to contact your local Democratic Club or District Leader.

Don’t know what your local Dem club is?  No problem, just email political@gomyd.com and we’ll make sure to put you in touch with the right person.