Event Flashback: Truman National Security Project

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Just about a month ago our friends from the Truman Project took time out of their weekend to train MYD members on matters of National Security, Military and Veteran Affairs.

Did you miss the training and have been feeling bad about it? Not to worry! Just this week The Truman Project put their extensive training guide on their website, download it HERE for free.

The Truman Project’s National Security Manual is your best source for talking points, background, and critical information about the national security challenges facing our nation. The Manual covers 20 topics over 180 pages, ranging from Military 101 to Terrorism, Torture, and Intelligence. Each in-depth chapter includes topical talking points and historical background on the current challenges. The accompanying Communications Guide contains hard-hitting message advice, offensive and defensive language, and a Q&A guide to help you communicate a strong, progressive point of view to the public.