Espada: Can’t Make This !@#$ Up


Could he sink any lower?

A letter dated July 31 was sent to the home of a Bronx woman who had signed a petition supporting an opponent of the Senate majority leader, Pedro Espada Jr.

In bold-face capital letters, it read “Notice of Legal Information Warning” and went on to say that the woman had been identified “as a person who has signed a legal document known as a petition.”

“Receipt of this letter is NOT an indication that you have done anything wrong,” the letter stated. “However, there is reason to believe that your signature has been obtained against the law.” The recipient was told to call “the Ballot Integrity Unit.” There was no answer at the number on Thursday afternoon.

The letter was signed by the “Concerned Citizens for Good Government,” but at the bottom of the page, in small type, it read “Paid for by New Yorkers for Espada.”

And yelling at protestors in Albany (the title of the Daily News coverage is priceless: CAN THE NY SENATE GET ANY FREAKIER? CAN IT????):

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