Elizabeth Kanter, Super Vol, 29

Member of the Week

The orgs in NYC that benefit from Elizabeth's supercharged volunteering can't be counted on one hand.

Universal healthcare. Cancer advocacy. Low-income youth mentorship. Immigrant career support. Women’s empowerment. And of course, youth activation in democracy. When it comes to the things she cares about, Elizabeth puts her money where her mouth is — or more appropriately, she puts her time where her heart is.

Luckily for NYC, Elizabeth grew up with a supercharged sense of social action and has applied her considerable expertise and fiery passion for issues to many NGOs in the city. With MYD, she helps David and the Board mount spectacular special events, like our fundraiser at the Griffin in late September.

Elizabeth grew up in Jacksonville, Fl, with a dad who inspired her passion for politics:

My parents would have the news on all the time at home and talk about what was going on in the world. It was part of every day conversation. My father talked to me about what his beliefs were and as I got older, we challenged each other. He taught me about social action, healthcare reform, medicare, affirmative action, why he was a Democrat-then Republican-then Democrat, why we fought our wars…

Then my sister and I ‘schlepped’ my Dad and he started learning from me. Convincing my Bush-loving father to vote for Obama is definitely a favorite memory of mine.

So what is the issue that trumps all others in Elizabeth’s mind? With a family heavily involved in the medical field and experience working at a hospital herself, it’s no surprise that Elizabeth’s signature issue is healthcare reform. Her perspective is simple: universal, full coverage without any hurdles. Healthcare is a human right, and she vows universal healthcare will happen in her lifetime.

This Floridian who still says “y’all” loves the addictive nature of NYC and the new discoveries and friends to be made around every street corner–and even spins the negative aspects of the urban jungle into something positive:

The only bad thing I can think of is also a good thing: the city forces a person to be resilient, which I know is an asset. If you can run with the bulls, charge!

Amen to that, sister — now, someone just go warn the bulls and let them know Elizabeth’s been unleashed on NYC!