Election night at MYD + Upcoming Events


The elections are on for tonight. Unless a State of Emergency is called we’ll be warming ourselves on the fire of democracy.

Time: Tonight, 7PM

Place: The Liberty NYC, Downstairs. 29 W 35th St

Learn about the candidates: http://gomyd.com/2014/01/13/myd-officer-applications-2014/

Before that, though, I’d like to say it’s been an amazing year. Like so many before me, I leave the Presidency somehow older than when I started. In my newfound oldness, I would like to share a story with those who need motivation as to why MYD elections are important.

Five years ago I joined Manhattan Young Democrats and it’s been a defining experience in my life. I served on the ’08 Obama Campaign with then President Al Benninghoff who asked me to be his Vice-President when we’d wrapped up the White House. At the time, MYD had 30 members – there wound up being 10 people at the election that year. It seemed pretty clear, if I wanted to help make hope and change happen, I should NOT join this organization. I turned him down multiple times but he kept asking. In the end I gave him an ultimatum: Tell me one thing Manhattan Young Democrats could really do in the next year that would actually make a difference.

By the end of the first year MYD had run nearly 70 young people for local office, and held up the NY County Party’s elections for local leadership when we’d run our President for 3rd Vice Chair. MYD had been in the national news for its online petition for Marriage Equality in NY State and, unsurprisingly, it had grown — from 30 to over 130 members.


What MYD does is meaningful to more than just Young Democrats. For starters, our events are legendary: Two years ago, a then Public Advocate DeBlasio came to MYD’s holiday party at The Black Door. He took one look around, handed his personal email to our president and said “this is a great party, whenever you do something, let me know.” And, though it may not seem like it, The Downstairs at the Liberty, or anywhere we meet, is one of the centers of progressive innovation and power. I’m serious.


MYD is constantly pushing the boundaries of things that we can accomplish and the ways we can do them. Its innovations don’t stay in Manhattan– already Open Seat Projects and Learning Labs are being experimented with around the country and smaller chapters look to us for guidance on everything from fundraising to organizational structure.


As MYD grows we can expect things to change. But I’ve seen first hand that one thing can never change: just you being here, standing in the same place with other young progressives, acting on those things in which you believe magnifies your voice more than you can know. Not just here, but around the nation.


It’s been a true honor serving as President and, like every year, we’ve done a lot and learned even more. Next year will be even better.


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MYD General Meeting

7:00 PM
The Liberty, 29 West 35th Street (downstairs bar)

Join MYD for our first general meeting of the year and elections! We will be electing our new leadership – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Applications for those running are posted on gomyd.comFacebook event.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Foreign Affairs Committee Meeting

7:30 PM

Starbucks at 424 Park Ave S., between 29th and 30th Streets

Join the Foreign Affairs Committee! They will be electing a new committee chair and discussing ideas for the year. For more information, email Paul at foreign@gomyd.comFacebook event.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Economic Issues Committee Meeting

7:30 PM

108 W 39th St, 12th Fl

Join the econ committee! They’re working on an event to debate the pros and cons of unpaid internships. Email Sasha for more information at econ@gomyd.com.



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Transportation Issues Committee Meeting

7:30 PM

108 W 39th St, 12th Fl

Join the transportation committee for their first meeting of the year. For more information, email Ashley and Max attransport@gomyd.com.



Thursday, January 30, 2014

Environmental & Animal Issues Committee

7:00 PM

For more information about the environmental and animal issues committee, email Allison and Allie atgreen@gomyd.com.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Education Issues Committee

7:00 PM

Cosi, 7th Ave between 36th and 37th Streets (upstairs)


Some really interesting things happening in education as Bill de Blasio has taken over mayoral control of the city’s schools, appointed Carmen Fariña as Chancellor and begun really dancing with Governor Cuomo over pre-kindergarten plans. Plenty to discuss at the next Education Committee meeting, along with an election for the chair of the committee. For more information, email Ben at education@gomyd.com