Econobots, roll out!


What’s the role of the corporation in America? Can there be value in wealth inequality? Finance vs. Tech: What’s the future of NY’s economy?

Two nights ago the Econ Committee had it’s first meeting of 2012. This is a great year for Econ and in the next 360 days we’re going to delve into some of the greatest questions of our day with experts, politicians and, most importantly, the real people who have to live with the answers. Please join as we tackle these issues and develop the policy stances MYD, the Young Democrats and our allies will be fighting for in 2012.

Also, being economic geniuses that we are, we came up with a way to host a free open bar event.

Intrigued yet? Want in? Get involved! Email (although please pardon if the reply is a bit tardy as the keys to the account haven’t been handed over just yet).