Do Fewer Workers = Slower Response?

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As NYC digs itself out of our first blizzard of the year, the head of the sanitation workers’ union says the slow response could have been avoided:

Earlier this year, Nespoli predicted the city would have trouble responding to a major snow storm. In September, when the mayor announced his decision to impose a citywide hiring freeze, Nespoli called the hiring stoppage a “foolish move.”

“I don’t think it’s wise or safe,” Nespoli told the Journal at the time. “He should be hiring and maintaining the most important services for the public.”

Nespoli said Monday he’s hoping the mayor will replenish the ranks as the economy improves. “We’re hoping that as soon as the economy and the city turn around a little more now, we can get back to our headcount,” he said. “When something like this here, as devastating as what this city got hit with yesterday and today, the more man power you have the better it is.”

Several elected officials have expressed frustration with the city’s slow response to the storm, including Martin Dilan, chair of the State Senate’s transportation committee.  City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is calling for hearings into the matter.