DN: “Espada + Sushi + Mamaroneck = Protest”

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And the coverage is starting to roll in — here’s our first hit, up on the Daily News:

Not busy tomorrow? Annoyed by under-investigation Bronx state Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr.? Here’s one option: Celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Senate coup at what critics call his “real” home — in Mamaroneck.

“Dozens of New Yorkers wearing “Don’t Vote For Pedro” shirts and armed with bullhorns and signs will gather outside the REAL home of State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Jr. before marching to a nearby park for an afternoon of sushi and protesting in honor of the Senate Coup Anniversary,” says the invite in my inbox.

“Protestors will deliver a “Welcome to Mamaroneck” basket filled with symbolic offerings, including sushi takeout menus, a signed anniversary card, a Mamaroneck bumper sticker, $2 million in Monopoly money, and a framed photo with coup-cohort Hiram Monserrate to the Espada residence. Afterward, guest speakers, including Bill Samuels from the New Roosevelt Initiative will address the crowd.”

Espada, as you know, is under all kinds of investigations for allegedly chiseling money meant for the poor from his Soundview health clinics to bankroll his personal life.

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