Did You Watch A Different SOTU, Rudy?


Rudy should have stayed up a little longer and watched the whole speech before going to bed for his morning TV appearance. In a post by David Kurtz from Talking Points Memo, David focuses on claims made by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani on the CNN morning show accusing President Obama of avoiding the discussion of terrorism and the Christmas Day bombing attempt during last night’s SOTU address. But exactly the opposite happened and thanks to some quick editing you can see Rudy make mistake after mistake:

In hindsight, his mind might have been otherwise occupied… He could have been focused on the incriminating article in last week’s Village Voice that ties him even closer to shamed former New York City Police Commissioner Bernie Kerik or maybe he was excited over an article in Wednesday’s Salt Lake Tribune making waves about a possible Mitt-Ruby campaign ticket – but criticizing before fact-checking is no way to rekindle your national political prospects.

It does make for great video, though.