Death Penalty Around the World

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Amnesty International released their annual report today, entitled Death sentences and Executions 2009. (PDF of report) China leads the world, executing more people than the rest of the world combined.

The Report notes that “eighteen countries carried out executions in 2009”:

Known Executions in 2009

Bangladesh (3), Botswana (1), China (+), Egypt (at least 5), Iran (at least 388), Iraq (at least 120), Japan (7), Libya (at least 4), Malaysia (+), North Korea (+), Saudi Arabia (at least 69), Singapore (1), Sudan (at least 9), Syria (at least 8), Thailand (2), USA (52), Viet Nam (at least 9), Yemen (at least 30).

It isn’t exactly a list I am proud to have the USA on.

An overview of the death penalty from Amnesty

A graphic from the report that puts the US in context: