Dear Christine O’Donnell: Let’s Leave Virginity Out of This

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The GOP has another gem down the hatch, folks. As if Sarah Palin wasn’t enough, we now have Christine O’Donnell hitting the mainstream. Yes, she and her, “I am you.” campaign is all the latest talk. And, the lady has quite a mouth on her. Witchcraft, sex, virginity, religion — is this all necessary, Ms. O’Donnell? We’d be much more interested in hearing your policy views and why you’re a qualified candidate.

The sex talk and weird TV ads are only making people feel awkward and uncomfortable — I imagine even for those in your own party. We’re not really interested in hearing about your wild college years or the sins of self-pleasure. (See, even I’m having trouble busting out the “m” word on a political platform) No, Ms. O’Donnell, even as a fairly “conservative” and “moderate” Democrat, you are most certainly NOT me.

O’Donnell is wrong—wrong for America, wrong for Congress and wrong for Christianity—on so many levels that mere logic and common sense preclude supporting her. Then again, if you’ve always wondered why your neighbors are having such great sex, she might be just the agent you need to find out. —Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation

The Nation -Christine O’Donnell’s Witchcraft