David Plouffe: Conference Call with Young Americans

Politics 3.0

Via NYSYD President Kevin Lawrie:

I wanted to pass this opportunity to talk to one of the most well-respected political minds in the entire country, David Plouffe.  If you’re not already aware, David Plouffe was the Campaign Manager for Barack Obama’s historic run to the White House in 2008, a campaign that many regarded as generation defining and one of the most well run campaigns ever.  Plouffe had previously served as the Executive Director of the DCCC and before that as Deputy Chief of Staff to House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt.

Plouffe will be joined by Stephanie Cutter, the Assistant to the President for Special Projects.  The White House Senior Staffers will be discussing topics ranging from jobs and the economy to health care to education.

In order to participate in this conversation, you must sign up online ahead of time and call-in information will be emailed directly to you.  You can sign up through the White House website or by clicking here.