Cuomo On Track


Governor-elect Andrew Como isn’t wasting any time.  He’s written a letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood requesting federal funding for a high speed rail system.  The NY Daily News has the scoop.  In the letter Cuomo writes:

High speed rail could be transformative for New York—with the potential to revitalize Upstate New York’s economy with construction jobs now and permanent jobs created by the new high speed rail links to New York City, Toronto and Montreal in the future. That is why I made high speed rail a priority during my campaign, and that is why it will continue to be a top priority for me as Governor.
The Republican Governors-elect of Ohio and Wisconsin have both expressed their intentions to cancel high speed rail projects in their states.  As a result, Cuomo is requesting that money originally set aside for those projects be redirected to New York state.
For more information on why this project would be so beneficial for our state, check out the High Speed Rail NY Coalition.