Cuomo: “I Want A Functioning State Senate”

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Cuomo, appearing on WOR’s “The John Gambling Show,” also sidestepped a question on whether he believed a Republican-controlled Senate would be more helpful to him than one run by the Democrats.

“I want a functioning state Senate,” Cuomo told Gambling. “These are very big choices that we have to make, and we need to actually act, so I need a body that performs and a body that can function.”

Control of the state Senate hinges on three races that remain too close to call and won’t likely be settled anytime soon. With thousands of absentee ballots remaining to be opened and numerous court challenges expected to be filed, activists on both sides concede that the recount battles could stretch into January.

Cuomo said the Senate needs to function to deal with the state’s crippling budget woes.

“These are about numbers,” Cuomo said. “There’s no Democratic or Republican philosophical dispute here. The numbers have to balance and the numbers now don’t balance. So long as you bring reality to the situation, there’s not a lot to argue about on the numbers. We’re looking at a deficit of about $9 billion. It’s painful, but it is also undeniable.”

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