Court Destroys Mother’s Life For Attempting To Make Children’s Lives Better


An Ohio court has decided that fitting punishment for Kelly Williams-Bolar, a mother who claimed her children lived with her father (and he went along with it) so that they could go to a better school outside of a project, is to

  1. Throw her in jail for 10 days
  2. Put her on probation for 3 years
  3. Bar her from serving as a teacher indefinitely, which she’d been studying to do

You can read the whole, sad and maddening story here. And take some action here.

If you’re thinking that maybe, just maybe, if this were a white woman married to an iBanker they would have gotten off with a fine at maximum, you’re probably right. Stories abound about people all over the United States committing this crime and being punished by having to send their kid back to the original school.

In this case that’s not what happened. In this case the court found it necessary to make an example of Ms. Williams-Bolar. Instead of just sending her kids back, or imposing a fine for the $30,500 the court determined she’d stolen tuition (never minding that the amount does not take into account the tuition the children would have received from going to their own school) it decided to convict her of grand larceny, which is a felony, and strip her of the investment she’d made in improving her life and her family’s by baring her from becoming a teacher. So now her dreams of a new career and a better life for her children have been dashed – I guess that’s what you get when you break a rule for the sake of your kids in America. At least if you’re black and from the projects in Ohio.