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New York, NY- (October 22, 2014) Today, the launch of the New York NEXT PAC was announced, along with the filing of its first coordinated expenditure campaign in support of Domenic Recchia’s Congressional bid. Founded by prominent New York Young Democrats organizations across the City in an effort to make New York City a better place for both this generation and those that follow, New York NEXT announced that it has commenced work in support of Recchia for Congress. Joined by Manhattan Young Democrats, Brooklyn Young Democrats, Queens County Young Democrats and Richmond Young Democrats; New York NEXT revealed key components of the campaign including a one hundred person field effort.

 “As young, active democrats in New York City, we’ve seen a need for a stronger, more empowered base to help the right leaders be elected to office,” Matthew Ward, MYD Political Director said. “The young people of New York City need an approachable political arm to ensure that our elected officials help young New Yorkers thrive. Domenic Recchia has shown focused leadership, and the will to make New York City and the 11th Congressional District a better place for both our generation and those that follow. It is clear that this election could come down to as little as 5,000 votes, we know that our bodies on the ground in support of Domenic Recchia will close that gap. We believe he is the best candidate to represent the 11th District in Congress and MYD is proud to be part of a PAC that will work to elect candidates that will help young New Yorkers thrive.”

“Young people have the potential to transform our city, making it a place that is able to support them and their values. New York NEXT seeks to coalesce this potential into a tangible force for change. I am excited to see the voices of Brooklyn’s youth get amplified and empowered through New York NEXT, as we elect local champions like Domenic Recchia to Congress and as we look to the future to enacting the progressive change that New York City needs.” Stefan Ringel, President, Brooklyn Young Democrats.

“The future City of New York and the state of New York will come down to a very simple decision. Whether or not the youth in our state decide to stand up and be counted. And not just this year, but year after year we need to voices of our younger voters to get louder and louder so that their issues are heard just as clearly as anyone else’s. It is my hope that New York NEXT will be able encourage all young people to stand up and be counted in the political process,” Patrick Jordan, Political Director, Queens County Young Democrats.

New York NEXT is registering the week of October 20th with the Federal Election Commission and will begin making coordinated expenditures as part of its first campaign. The organization announced the commencement of a one hundred person grassroots field effort to ensure that the next 11th District Congress member is Domenic Recchia. Additionally, the PAC launched its official where more information about the PAC’s long term plans can be found. The Pro-Recchia campaign is centered on its namesake theme and the PAC’s mission to focus on the needs of young progressive New Yorkers.


New York NEXT is a PAC founded by young New York democrat organizations united around the central idea that New York’s Youth should be able to thrive not just survive in New York. Together, they will use combined resources to impact New York City political campaigns whose platforms and ideas mirror the goals of New York NEXT and promise to move New York City in a direction that empowers the younger generations. To learn more about New York NEXT, please visit,like them on Facebook at New York NEXT, or follow them on Twitter @NextNYC


The Manhattan Young Democrats (MYD) is an all-volunteer organization and the official youth arm of the Democratic Party in New York County. As the largest Young Democrats organization in the country, their mission is to educate and activate young progressives and empower them to create the change they want to see in their neighborhood, borough, state, and country. To learn more about The Manhattan Young Democrats, please visit and follow them on Twitter @gomyd.


The Brooklyn Young Democrats, established in 2010, are a member-driven organization in the purest sense of the term. As the official youth arm of the Kings County Democratic Party, we are able to attract high-profile visitors and be connected to a greater system of clubs and activists around the borough. However, our group’s greatest assets are the ideas and initiatives that our diverse membership brings to every meeting, driving us to action.

From Greenpoint to Gerritsen Beach, from Bay Ridge to Brownsville, the men and women of BYD are today’s movers and shakers and tomorrow’s leaders.


The Queens County Young Democrats (QCYD) is a progressive organization of Democrats between the ages of 16 and 36, dedicated to advancing the highest principles of the Democratic Party and inspiring the participation of all people in politics, public policy and service. As the officially recognized youth arm of the Queens Democratic Party, QCYD is especially focused on inspiring, educating and involving young people who want to make a difference.

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