Constitution Changes at Tuesday’s Meeting

MYD Itself

Hello MYD Members!

At our January meeting we have the ability to make a few changes to the MYD Constitution.  The Executive Board has worked together to craft the following changes that we feel help clarify certain aspects of MYD.

To summarize:

Voting Policy: We are adding two subsections under Article III; Section II of the Constitution. First, we want to make sure no past MYD board member takes advantage of the MYD mailing list for campaigning purposes. Second, we are outlining the election procedure so there will be no confusion in the case of contested elections.

IOC Chairs: In Article VII; Section I of the by-laws we are stating that IOC chairs are elected by members of their committee and they report to the Officers.  A new committee can be established if 6 MYD Members approach the Executive Board with the intent to form one and are approved.  The board will promote the first meeting of the committee, at which a Chair will be elected.

Directors: In Article VIII; Section I of the by-laws we are adding in that Directors are appointed by, and report to directly to, the Officers.

Additionally, we will be clarifying the text so that “Officers” refer to the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and “Executive Board” refers to Officers, Directors and IOC Chairs.

Full text after the jump, changes are in italics. Please let me know if you have any questions: president[at]gomyd[.]com.

Additions to the MYD Constitution

Article III
Section 2

The officers of the MYD shall be elected every year for one (1) year terms, commencing in January 2003. For the year 2002, officers will be elected within thirty days of the approval of the Constitution and By-laws of the Young Democrats of Manhattan County. Officers of the MYD must be members in good standing and submit a completed application consisting of answers to several questions posed by the current Executive Board, two weeks before the election. The answers to the application shall be made available to the general membership at least one week prior to the election.

a) The Executive Board will decide, at a meeting prior to the election, if candidates for MYD office will have access to the MYD membership list for the purpose of campaigning. If approved by the Executive Board, access to the list and permission to use the list must be afforded equally to all candidates for MYD office.

b) Nominations for candidates for officer positions shall be made from the floor with the consent of the nominee. In the case of an uncontested candidacy, the nominee has the option to address the membership. In the case of a contested candidacy, the President Emeritus (most recent past President) will randomly designate the order in which the candidates will speak. All candidates waiting to speak or having already spoken must be isolated from the membership meeting. Once each candidate has spoken, the President Emeritus shall declare the nomination period closed and distribute ballots to the members in good standing. All votes shall be cast in secret using the ballot as provided. The candidate with over 50% of the vote shall be declared the winner. If no one candidate receives over 50% of the vote, there will be a run-off election between the two top vote-getters. Votes shall be counted and certified by the President Emeritus along with a verifying agent designated by each of the candidates.



Section 1
The standing committees of the Manhattan Young Democrats shall be: the Finance Committee, Healthcare Issues Committee, Economic Issues Committee, Community and Social Equity (CASE) Committee, Environmental Issues Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee, Transportation Committee and Education Committee.

Section 2
Committee Chairs are to be elected by a vote of paid-MYD members at the first Committee Meeting after the General Election. If for any reason the Chair can no longer Chair the committee a vote will be held at the next available meeting. A new committee can be established if 6 MYD Members approach the Executive Board with the intent to form one and are approved.  The board will promote the first meeting of the committee, at which a Chair will be elected.


Section 1
The cabinet may consist of the following Directors who are appointed by the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer after a call for submissions has been announced to the MYD Membership. Directors report directly to the Officers.