Compromise and Reflection

Learn Something

Sure, nearly two years into President Obama’s presidency, many supporters are disappointed. This depressing list is tough for any progressive advocate to accept, but it should make one thing clear: being President is no easy job. One might have ideals, but each decision cannot always exemplify those lofty ideals.

This is the case with the Tax Cut Compromise that President Obama is getting a great deal of backlash from once-outspoken supporters. Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment shows his true colors – that he chooses to focus on extremes, rather than conveying simple common sense to his audience. Extremists have more dedicated viewers, so I see where he is coming from, but it is also destructive when those extremists distort the reality of the situation.

If you missed President Obama’s press conference on Tuesday, you should check out it in full, as he articulated his views on the issue very clearly. I felt his answer to the final question, “what are your core values and principles” should be heard by his liberal and progressive supporters:

Austin Goolsbee, Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, clearly explained the tax cut debate back in September. I suppose the two minute video might have been too long and time consuming for the media to report on properly, as it sure seemed that the majority of the people remain oblivious to how a progressive tax system functions. If someone makes $1,000,000 a year, they would still pay the lower tax rate on their income on their first $250,000. But be that as it may… today, a new “White Board” video was released to outline the compromise.

If the dedicated supporters of President Obama turn out to be nothing more than “sunshine patriots,” any hope for change should be thrown out the window and we should prepare for the end-times when Sarah Palin becomes the 45th President of the United States. If President Obama’s supporters want to take a more responsible approach, listening to his words and his reasons for taking these actions is of the utmost importance — particularly at a time of great challenges for the country.